About Us

About Libertatem Magazine, the Parent Company

Libertatem Magazine is a Legal Awareness e-Magazine published monthly focusing on Legal News and Courtroom Updates. It is an online platform with a diverse readership of over a million readers ranging from Students, Academics, Legal Professionals to Legal Enthusiast and many more. With our Monthly Digital Magazine and Daily Updates on current and pressing legal issues, our aim is to help the legal community expand its outreach and more importantly express their views on the same uncensored. Since February 2015, we have been working tirelessly on our mission to engage and aware our citizens of the legal angle in our news stories and courtroom updates which are commonly ignored by large media houses in order to gain readership using “sensational” stories.

About Libertatem Events Management

Based on the Media Group’s vision to engage and aware people around us, we continuously bring in engaging news stories and courtroom updates which are both informative as well as essential for every common person out there.

We believe the people we are surrounded with have a lot to express than just criticize everything that happens. We have a strong belief that everyone has his/her own perspective and a sound reasoning behind every criticism they have. We, at Libertatem Group, strive to unleash that inner belief and encourage people to put their opinions and views on the table where they can be discussed freely. That is where Libertatem comes in. Libertatem [Liber-ta-tem] is a Latin word for Freedom. We have named this magazine Libertatem Magazine as the main concept of the Magazine is “Freedom of Speech & Expression”. We respect everyone’s right to speak. With this line of thought, we have gearing up to organize a series of events and competitions starting with Essay Writing Competition wherein everyone be it a Student or a Faculty, be it from Law or from Engineering, everyone is free to express their views/ opinions on a given theme.

Libertatem Events Management has been envisaged with the task of organizing Events and Competitions on behalf of Libertatem Media Group Companies.